Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's already been 4 months!!!!

We are getting used to eachother

Tech vs. OU (BOOOOOO)

Ava, 1.5 weeks

Merry Christmas Ava, just about 2 months

My favorite part of the day...Ava 3 months

Baby Blue, Ava 4 months

I wish I could have started this 4 months ago so that I could have done a better job of logging my Little Princess. I cannot believe that I have been a mom for 4 months - what the heck am I doing - seems to be my everyday statement. I am blessed with the best baby on the planet and through her have grown so much. We go tomorrow to the doctor for our 4 month checkup and will begin a diet that consists of more than just milk. MY BABY IS NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR THAT? I wish I could just stop time or make the nighttimes and weekends last forever.

Here are some fun memories of the last 4 months......
  • At 1 week we were just getting to know eachother
  • At 1 month we were adapting to a 3 hour schedule (which we now stick to 100% and no matter what is going on will not adjust this schedule - after all Miss Ava comes first right :). )
  • At 2 months we were celebrating Christmas and New Years with family, seeing mom off to work while spending time with our new friends at daycare, bidding Dad a fond adue as tax season began, and we were sleeping through the night. CHEERS to Happiest Baby on the Block (the best book ever)!!!!
  • At 3 months we learned that we had a voice and we know how to use it. Ava can carry on a 5 minute conversation with anyone that wants to listen and most recently will throw a few "rasberries" into the conversation. We have also begun using our legs to roll over, hold our head up to see all that is going on, and our hands are a source of entertainment and frustration.
  • At 4 months, we can only imagine what is in store but one thing we do know is that Ava only has 8 more months of being the only grandchild. We can't wait for her to have tons of cousins!!!!

Ava Goes to Washington

Remember boys....

I love hugs

A surprise for Daddy

Look at all of my luggage!

The Amazing Glen Gary and Adam's $100 Bill

Bundled for the trip

I had to travel to Washington DC for my annual meeting (which was wonderful this year) and since Ava and I are still attached at the.....well no need to continue. Anyways, Adam and Ava joined me for the trip. It was a first time to DC for both of them and while their first objective was not to meet the President, they did have some fun adventures as I set in meetings all day.

We flew into Baltimore, because I am el cheapo, and decided to take a bus to the train and then the train to the depot and then walk what felt like 10 miles to the hotel in the freezing cold with 3 suitcases, 2 carry ons, a stroller, carseat, oh and Ava. It took us almost 4 hours to get from the airport to the hotel thus I only enjoyed one museum.

The next day Adam and Ava spent time in the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. I asked them to take tons of pictures and Adam took some but they were of Ava in her carseat, and Ava in her carseat, and Ava in her carseat. Well, I guess there was one of Ava on her changing pad just so Adam could remind me that YES he even changed diapers. And the only other picture Adam took was for Ava's future suitors, the Hope Diamond is the only diamond that would be suitable for his little girl. Ava is his little princess.

So as I am calling Adam to meet him at the Mall for some sightseeing he and Ava are arriving back at the hotel from a 1.5 hour trip on the train. Evidently the train Adam was on met head on (literally) with one of the hundreds of crazy people in DC. Needless to say the train was stopped and all passengers had to find a new route to their destination and my trip downtown was not going to happen. So instead we went to see The Amazing Glenn Gary. A parlor magician that proved to be another one of "Ashley's Adventures." The next day, Ava and Adam spent most of their time in the ESPN zone enjoying 14 tv's of greatness.

Ava was a trooper throughout the entire trip. We were thinking back and she cried a total of 30 minutes in 4 days. We are so lucky!!!!!

The Little Diva

Well, Ava has figured out that soft, silky things are her cup of tea. She loves momma's scarfs that she wears and could carry them with her at all times. This is my little Princess in all her glory.

Fun Times with Aunts and Uncles

What a great family we have!!!
Uncle Chris and Aunt Katy

Uncle Greg and Aunt Staci

Cheese Balls

Always having fun!!!

Adam and I enjoyed a wonderful night of laughing with Staci & Greg and Katy & Chris. It might have been one too many flights for me but it was an adventure. Katy I hope you enjoyed it because it will be some time before you get to "take another flight" and we are so excited about that!

Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins Continued

More pics from our weekend in Austin

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

I just love this little Priss.

Gotta show off the complete outfit, thanks Grandma
Look at all those fish Dad

I love my Great Aunt Pam

Happy 1 year!

The Lowes had a great weekend in Austin celebrating cousin Miss Abigail's 1 year birthday at the Austin Children's Museum. We had the best cupcakes, enjoyed some fun sites, and of course lots of laughs. Great Aunt Pat was the ultimate babysitter and Ava had so much fun meeting her cousins Haley and Ian. I think Haley was enjoying the basketball game as much as Ava since they both fell asleep at half time. Thank you so much for letting us come and visit!

Miss Grace

Ava has so many little friends down here and Adam and I can't wait to watch her grow up with all of them. Ava's favorite little babysitter is Miss Grace Wilson (Abby and Garrett's 2 year old daughter).

Josh, Jenn, and Jeran came to see us in February and we had so much fun. We are so lucky to have them so close to us. Even though Ava had a stomach ache for half the weekend, she cheered up by Saturday night and joined in on the partini games.

Jeran is the cutest little guy ever and never without a smile. I look forward to watching Ava grow and test out new and different things just as Mr. Butler is.
To the Butlers, we love you and can't wait until the next visit. Sounds like we are Houston bound.