Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we had. This was Ava's 2nd Christmas but the first one that she could truly enjoy! We are blessed with so much, but most of all we have a wonderful family. I thank God each day for the joys that he has bestoyed upon us and look forward to many years of memories.

This entry will be full of pictures and not words (I can't believe that I could even do this) but I think I can capture all of the Christmas festivities in photos much better.

Ava was not the only baby at the Lowe Family Christmas. It is so great that Connor is here now but I don't know if Ava has quite accepted that she is not the center of attention, though.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Let's get to these presents....

Sweet Connor with T, Aunt Pat, and Aunt Pam

Merry Christmas Ahma!

Another shot of the duo with their Great Aunts

Oh wow, the red wagons. Our first of many Christmas "projects" from Pancho and T

Thank goodness Tio and Chris put together Connor's wagon. It took us about 2 weeks to finally get to ours.

Christmas #1 was just too exciting for Pancho and Ava

I love this picture of Bubby, Ava, and me!

KK and her little kids

Ava got to take part in Will's first deer! Very exciting.

The family shot over Christmas out at the Ranch

Christmas #2 was full of kids, cameras, powertools, and most of all family

Ava's best bud!

Christmas at the Ranch would not be the same without the trivia game. I do believe that team Katy, Greg, Bill, and Ashley were the winners!!!

I like this tradition of boots for Christmas

Hey Will, Merry Christmas

Christmas #3 and Daddy got some new boots too. I think I am as excited as he was about this!

We love our bunny Aunt Jeanne

Nothing is better than clothes!!!

Finally, she got this present opening down!

Thank you T-Ray for the ball shooting, music singing, toy o'fun. It is great exercise chasing after all the balls.

I guess all the rules go out the window when Grandma and Grandpa are in town.

Happy 2010!