Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun in Horseshoe Bay

Lots and lots of kisses

We went to Horseshoe Bay this month to visit KK and Aaron. Adam and Aaron played lots of golf while Ava and I spent time with KK. I quickly learned that all of Horseshoe Bay knew of the newest addition to the Lowe family and were very glad to finally meet her in person. KK is a very proud grandma.....I had to use the "G" word at least once.

Ava is 6 months now and while she is a tiny little thing (weighing in just over 13lbs), she is full of energy. I have learned that an unwatched Ava is a recipe for trouble. I won't go into any more detail but can only imagine what will happen when she starts crawling. She is starting to lift up on her front arms so it will not be long.

But in the mean time, she has figured out how to get anything and everything her little heart desires. She will just roll over there and pick it up her own self.