Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Excursions

Each and every weekend we cherrish to the best of our ability. Of course the agenda revolves 100% around Ava and one thing we really love to do is go to museums or sites similar to a museum like the zoo or SeaWorld, etc. So whenever we have a chance we go. Here is a run down of a few of our weekends over the summer! Time is just flying too fast.

The San Antonio Children's Museum Oh so much fun!
Ava the sorter and organizer loved these little colored pegs and really did not want to share them with anyone. We removed every single peg and put them all back several times.

This little area was set up for kids to make their own jungle gym. I had to get involved at the beginning but she caught on pretty fast.

And then we were all over this little gym.

And one of the best parts - bubbles all over the place

Surprise Trip to Spearman
Each Memorial Weekend Adam goes on a fishing trip with his dad. My mom was very sad that she could not take advantage of the break between school and summer school because my dad had to take advantage of the good weather and get the hay on Friday morning Ava and I planned a surprise trip with my dad's help and on Saturday we were landing in Amarillo to surprise my mom. Even as I said Hi Mom as I descended down the escalator my mom still had no clue she was waiting for Ava and I. It was GREAT!

Amarillo Discovery Center

Now, you might think that San Antonio would have Amarillo's Museum beat any day of the week. I must say in my opinion the Amarillo Discovery Center is worth the trip. It was great fun and a lot of interactive games for kids.

Of course there were small bubbles

And really big bubbbles

And it wouldn't be a museum in the Panhandle of Texas without a tornado exhibit

The Whitte Museum in San Antonio
The Kid's Tree House was wonderful. I can't wait till Ava is a little bigger, she will enjoy it so much more.

But the river outside and all of the picnic areas within the grounds were wonderful

San Antonio Zoo with the Wilsons

Grace goes to the zoo quite often so she was a great tour guide for Ava. At this point we were in awe of the bears and making all of the bear sounds we could possibly think of.

No time for pictures when there are cheetahs in the background!

And Finally............
This is a little girl amazed by the whales at seaworld! It is the coolest thing for kids of all ages.

Ava has mastered her mothers fake smile!

And that is enough pictures, let's just enjoy the show.
SeaWorld was so much fun we have season tickets. There is no way with a child Ava's age that you can complete this park all at once. They make it so easy to get a season pass so I am sure that little by little over the course of the summer we will complete the entire SeaWorld experience.