Monday, March 22, 2010

Where did February Go?

This weekend marked the start of Spring and the Lowe family is so excited! We kicked off this wonderful time of year with Spring Cleaning - can't you just feel the excitement :). Somehow our garage became an absolute mess over the winter and I could not stand it any longer. Once we finished that, we were so inspired we moved to the inside. While I love concrete floors, they can get so dirty. So on our hands and knees we scrubbed our floors till we could see our faces in them. Ahh it felt so good.

Sunday reminded me of being home in the Panhandle as it was windy windy windy and a bit chilly. Because it was not quite South Texas Spring weather, Ava had on one of my favorite winter outfits for church - I had to get one more day of wear out of it because she is growing way to fast.

She is such a ham at 16 months. I mean really she is too much. We cannot imagine our life without her. Sometimes I have vague memories of picking up and going to dinner and dancing or meeting up with friends at a local dive for cards and nachos. Vague memories that are quickly squashed by my daughters sweet voice saying "No Mama No, Down Down Down."

Her latest "treat" is to explain to us every sound she makes. She informs us that she just burped and loves to "toot toot" all of the time. Unfortunately because she is attempting to "toot toot"all of the time, we go through diapers a lot quicker than before. Oh my little princess! (Now that is a story that I am sure she will want me to elaborate on when she gets into high school)

More photos to come but here are a few from this past Sunday.

We were trying to get some cute shots of Ava outside and as we are running after her trying to get her to turn around, she walked over to the big rock, climbed on top of it, and started laughing. Perfect!

And then she realized we were taking photos so I got this look.
Finally, I couldn't help but laugh, she propped herself back like this and just set there as if to say "Oh ya, I know I am cute!"