Friday, July 15, 2011

Easter Through 4th of July

I lost my wire to transfer pictures a few months ago and my mom "very politely" reminded me that I needed to catch up on all that has happened from Easter to the 4th of July.  I don't think I can truly capture all that we have done but sure did like reminiscing through these photos.

Easter 2011
 Trip to the San Antonio Zoo with Grandma
 Easter Sunday Peeps
The tradition continues of the special $$ egg
 The Easter Bunny filled the yard with tons of eggs - what a great time we had
 Good Friday Trip to Sea World with great friends and Grandma.  If you are in San Antonio and have kids in love with Sesame Street, they have added a great area dedicated to those fun guys.  Ava loves spending time there; I think we have been 4 times already this year.  This pregnant lady doesn't love the heat but it is worth it to see Ava have so much fun!

May Trip to Spearman
What a great time we had going home to Spearman.  Not only did we get to see my brother and parents, we got to see the Butts and the Dunnihoos.  It had been so long since I had seen them, but I am so glad we got to create new memories together at Blake's birthday....even if Ava introduced the most annoying nonpopping bubbles to Blake that weekend.
 We love the Amarillo Discovery Center - It is a great place in Ava's mind.  She wants to go back to Amarillo every week just so she can go and play there.

 Grandpa taught Ava to drive the pick-up while we checked out the new babies
 T-Bill and Grandpa endured the Panhandle winds so that Ava could play with Pete and his girls

 When we were home for Thanksgiving, Dad bought a new tractor and Adam drove it home.  Ava talks about that tractor about as much as she talks about the Discovery Center.  So while at home, Grandpa and T-Bill let Ava drive the tractor too.
 Perhaps she will be the next great tractor driver....

June Trip to Rockport
 Ava "caught" this fish about ten times in a row :).  Actually we baited the hook with it and let her throw it in and catch it over and over again.  She thought it was great, but I am sure the fish had a different opinion.
 It was so much fun to see the dolphins come up to the back porch - I think I was as excited as Ava was about that!

Trips to the Lake

 Abby took Ava out on the intertube because I figured "Baby A" would not appreciate the bumping around much.
4th of July
 Ava and Grace getting ready for the 4th of July Parade
 My girlfriend Janna convinced Abby and I to join her on the Castro Garden Club Float - I am so glad she did we had a blast!  It was really fun when when we rode past the 3 dads.  The kids got so excited to show off their candy throwing skills!!!
Ava had the pageant wave down pat.