Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Trip to Galveston

July has been a busy month, but we are truly blessed with great friends and family. This month, we took a trip down to Galveston for an early "Happy 1 Year Jeran Butler Weekend." We went to the beach and watched the kids play in the sand, in the water, and with all of the wonderful toys Jeran has. I am so glad that Josh, Jenn, and Jeran live so close to us; I can only imagine the trouble we will get into as the kids get older. I especially enjoyed Saturday night eating fresh seafood and playing board games until we were all simpled out and laughing at everything. I had forgotten just how much fun Scattegories was! Well, it could have been the people we were playing with or the fact that I won the game :)!!!!
On another note, if you haven't been to Galveston in a while, you must go! The beach is clean, they have done a great job of restoring the homes and the well...pretty much everything else on the island seems to be getting back to normal. And did I mention fresh seafood. It was a great weekend and while we were there I actually saw rain. I could not believe what I was seeing - there was actually water falling from the sky. I feel like it has been so long since that has happened around me. I just cannot get over how hot it is outside. My family all loves to be outside but it is unbearable right now. We decided to take a leisurely stroll on Saturday at around 4:00 (my first problem) and by the 4th mile (my second problem), I had my head glued to the road praying I could make it up the last hill (my third problem). I am so ready for some rain or at least some days that stay in the low 90s. I had to laugh yesterday, there was actually an add on TV about a local Nissan Dealership that was running a special from now until August 8th, here was the deal "Buy your car now and if it rains on August 8th, we will pay you car in full." I mean seriously. I am almost tempted to go out and buy a Nissan just to give me hope that it might rain!!!