Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dallas Aquarium

A few weeks back, my little brother Tracy convinced me to run in the Rock and Roll Marathon with him in Dallas. I ended up running a relay with a friend of his and it was lots of fun. Most importantly, it got me back into the running mode. But before we ran, Travis wanted to take Ava to the Dallas Aquarium and IT WAS GREAT! It was truly on of the neatest places, but next time we know to plan for a weekday or early morning on the weekend.

The aquarium is set up like a huge tree house and looking over the bridge you see alligators, fish, ducks, and lots of crazy birds. Ava was in awe of all of the animals!
And then we went underground to the FISH!!!! The best part in Ava's mind.
They were all around her. Fish Fish and more fish
We are in HEAVEN!
I think we set on this ledge for about 30 minutes looking at the sharks, stingrays, and other scary fish. It took all the convincing we could to get Ava out of this room and then we got lost and ended up right back there again. So it was back to the negotiating.
Yes, Ava is wearing a leash. She loves to run from place to place so I let her think she has free range but in fact she is never more than 3 feet away.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great trip up to Abilene to see T-Bill and Rosie's new house. It was beautiful and a perfect setting for Ava's first Easter Egg Hunt! We started the weekend off at the zoo and that evening had a practice run for the big day. With all the practice she got Saturday night, by Sunday, she was a pro and absolutely loved hunting all the eggs. T-Bill liked to make it a challenge for little Ava but she found all of the over 30 eggs that were hidden.

The Abilene Zoo is perfect for Ava. We are all about animals right now and this zoo is not too big and the animals are so close to you that you can even feed them.....

This little guy comes up to eat your crackers. Ava was not a fan of his big tounge, but I sure thought it was cool!

To Ava's favorite part, the Flamingos.

In the Lowe house, flamingos say "Ariba" right Ava? I guess it is always a party in the Lowe house

Easter Egg Hunt #1 .....the Practice
One little quirk about Ava is her need to round up, sort, and then put up again. Sometimes it is a bit obsessive, but I know she will always be tidy.
Oh I think she is ready for the big day!

Grandpa and Ava, Easter 2010, We are glad the weather cooperated so he was able to come to Abilene
We are off

And the 2nd Easter egg hunt begins!

T-Bill you sure are making it tough on Ava to find these eggs....
I was trying to help her find the eggs on the deck, but look behind me, I am definately in the way of a very special pink egg......
" Just get out of the way, Mom, I am on a mission "

Daddy always makes hunting Easter eggs much easier. T-Bill had put this egg in that hole. I mean really, how was Ava supposed to get that?
Taking out the eggs
T-Ray, Grandpa, and Grandma

T-Bill and Rosie checking out Ava's Eggs

Trying to balance with all of these eggs!!

Oh the special egg!!!!!
Ava was all about sharing this year. She is cutting molars so is not in the best of moods and food sometimes hurts her, so we all got to enjoy Ava's PEEPS!
We had to have two bags for the Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you everyone!