Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easter 2012

What a great Easter we had this year.  The Easter Bunny hopped down to Del Rio to spend the weekend with us all.  On Saturday, she hid hundreds of eggs for the kiddos to find....

 Connor thought that this was a super fun time....
 Alex thought the eggs were delicious....
 And Ava was on a race with the clock to find as many as she could....
 She filled up 2 baskets worth, but the Easter Bunny was smart and only filled half of them with sugary goodness.
The Easter Bunny helped out when needed...
And provided lots of loving while she was around!
After the BIG HUNT, we flew a kite that the Easter Bunny brought us (the next day at church Ava told the entire congregation how lucky she was to get a kite from the Easter Bunny - she was so proud of it)

 And played in the water.
 On Sunday we headed out to the ranch for some more Easter fun with family.
 Ava loved this egg laying hen - she said it is "pooping Easter Eggs." It was a big hit!

And Miss Alex loved everything soft that she got from the Easter Bunny.
 And most of all we loved being together as a family laughing and making memories!!!!
 Miss Alex is a bit of a handful; I have absolutely no idea where she gets it at all :)
And then there is sweet sweet Ava and Connor; I think they will be best buds for a lifetime!!!

And of course Alex will be there to keep everyone laughing
We also love the chance to hang out with the Coopers when we are down.  These boys are so sweet and tons of fun.  They even brought a snow cone machine so we could have some refreshing snow cones after lunch!!!

Alex even enjoyed a snowcone!!!

What a great Easter we had!!!!