Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanksgiving and Birthday all in one month

I have a feeling November will always be a very busy time for us. Hunting season is in full force thus the store is humming, Ava celebrates her birthday on November 17th, and then Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year, we had a very eventful November and I think the theme of this month was party.

We started the birthday celebration on the coast with Pancho, T, Uncle Harley and Aunt Pat, and Uncle Don and Aunt Pam. Our dear friends the Wilsons came down with us for the festivities. Pancho and T have a beautiful home in Rockport that has a great dock to fish off of. While I don't think it is a norm, I successfully caught my first salt water fish and it was a RedFish. Needless to say, Adam spent the rest of the night fishing for something that could beat me, but alas, he never did.
The Infamous Red Fish

The second birthday was in Castroville with KK. We went to a great steak house and then back to the house for a banana pudding cake. If you have ever been around Ava you will know that bananas are her favorite and when you add them with vanilla wafers.....oh boy you have made her day!

Ava spent a few days at home with KK and was not excited at all to return to the daycare. But when she walked into her class and saw the balloons and the cupcakes and presents her mood quickly changed. We are truly blessed to have the sweetest daycare that Ava attends.

Finally, the 4th Birthday, yes 4th Birthday was spent in Spearman with Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle T-Bill and Aunt Rosie, and Uncle T-Ray. Not only did we have cake at this birthday, we had a green jello salad and lasagna. Life could not get any better.......until a fancy pink four wheeler came around the corner.

Ava is not only walking, she is driving.

The bad news is she takes after her mother. She drives as fast as she can into every wall in the house and then just keeps on driving until you turn her around so she can do it again. Good thing we have insurance.

I don't know where she gets this, hopping onto her car prepared to make a phone call....

All in all November was wonderful and it was nice to go home and see my family and good friends Jenn and Lindsey and their kids. We are truly blessed! I know Christmas will be just as fun and cannot wait to celebrate every moment.