Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Part 1

We had a wonderful Easter but I have not had time to upload the pictures from my camera.  A 2nd post will be coming over the weekend full of candid shots.  A few weeks before Easter we took some photos with a pro and they came out really cute....considering the "Easter Bunny" bit Ava on the arm the second we got there - thus the stoic look in some of the photos.

One thing that made these photos so special to me is the fact that it is our last Easter as a family of three.  I was really okay with a sweet little family of three but God always knows best.....he will bless us with a new little Lowe on or around October 10th.  I am verging on 20 weeks now and time will just not slow down, it is so much different this time around!  We went in for the sonogram this week and the baby is 100% healthy and growing right on track.  I made the decision for everyone that we are not going to find out the sex and can't believe I am finally going to get to keep a secret.  Maybe this secret keeping thing will be a new trend for me....ha probably not but it is fun to drive everyone crazy while I can.