Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Trip to Abilene

Ava and I took a quick trip up to Abilene this past week and had a blast.  We enjoyed downtown Abilene's 2 museums Frontier Texas and the Grace Museum, we had a great lunch with Miranda's mom and sister, and then went out to Buffalo Gap and listened to some funny Texas "ghost" stories of long ago.  Oh we also met the newest addition of the Brown clan, Charlie, a boxer puppy that Travis and Miranda will be adding to their family. It was so much fun and full of a lot of laughs.

I think the Grace Museum is ranking right up there on my museums to go and see.  Travis and Miranda were married there 2 years ago and the boys were down in the Children's Museum and had told me how much fun it was. Well, they were right!

Miranda and I pulled a few pranks on my mom, which is customary, and of course competed on all of the little kids games, again customary.  And Ava, she had a great time too.  It is so funny how grandparents just decide to be the "fun" ones when they aren't the "parents" any more.  Pay backs, right.  At one point, Miranda was caught up in Abilene history, I was off in another part of the museum, and I hear my mom say, "Ava, I don't think you are supposed to be back there."  Ava had just walked behind the bars of one of the exhibits and was rearranging the exhibit to her liking.  Goodness.  I don't think that would have flown when I was Ava's age but with Grandma anything goes.

I was so sad that I forgot my camera at home because there was a lot of fun shots.  Thankfully I had my cell phone and Miranda (AKA Rosie) took a few shots with her phone also so a few grainy shots of the weekend.

Always stacking and sorting things.
A race to see who could travel across Texas the fastest

Ava and Charlie Brown
Mommy and Ava put on a dress up show for Rosie and Grandma

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August and September

Well what seems to be a recurring theme with the Lowe family - time travels too fast.  Adam and I have been told by quite a few people that we are always gone, and well, we are.  We enjoy seeing friends and family way too much to stay at home, however as September rolled in we have certainly enjoyed being at home more.  Adam helps out with dove hunting around Hondo and in the world I live in, Gala season kicks off this month.  It makes for some long nights for me, but I am always up for a party!!!!   I think Adam enjoys the fact that Ava is a great excuse for him to get out of the whole gala thing anyway.

So now to the most important part, this months pics of Ava......

The Franke Birthday at the Little Gym of San Antonio
What a great time we had at the Franke double birthday with all of our friends

Especially Grace

While I do miss my friends from "home," we are truly blessed to have so many great friends down here in what is now OUR HOME!!!!
The Medina County Fair
Got our boots on for the Medina County Fair.  Also, this is my new favorite brand of clothing - Matilda Jane!!!!  It is a must for Fall don't you think?

Ava felt she needed to do the jumping gym maze like all of the big kids.
The Hondo Corn Maze
Fall is here and I am loving the weather, the clothes, and the decorations!!!
We had a great time at the corn maze on the "Corn Popper"

Playing with friends
AND......Getting lost in the corn maze

Finally, the latest naked shots of Ava and Connor in the bath........

Kisses for KK