Monday, April 13, 2009

Drama Queen

Well, I received the cutest outfit in the mail today. Mom, you really outdid yourself with this one. Thank you for the snazzy new duds - they are just unreal. If Ava wasn't the center of attention before, this will definitely put her in the running for the Queen Bee!

I just had to capture Adam's face as he and Ava opened up this outfit. The timer cut off at the end but I am sure you can imagine his reaction!!! Priceless......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I just love Easter, the weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming and everyone has a reason to dress up (my favorite thing to do). This year we were very blessed, Adam and I woke up to the sound of rain (always a good sound); walked into our daughter's room where she woke with a smile; and as we got dressed and headed to church, the rain stopped and the sun came out - making it a perfect day to spend the afternoon at the golf course.

We went to sunrise service this morning and then had a lovely breakfast at church. Well everyone else had a great breakfast, Ava decided she needed to help me eat mine and flipped my eggs on the table and my orange juice went in the jelly. Oh well, orange juice and strawberry jelly were a good combination and I didn't need anymore eggs.

Ava will be 5 months this week and is so much fun. She talks all of the time (just like mom) and can never sit still (just like dad); I know we have our hands full but I look forward to everyday with her.

Easter will most certainly be fun for the next 10 years (don't they get tired of hunting eggs by then). I will spend weeks searching for the perfect Easter dress which will look "prefect" for about 10 minutes.

Happy Easter to everyone, we love you.

Ava went for her 4 month appointment on March 16th and the doctor told us something we are pretty sure we will never hear again....she is above average height. Above average by 10%.
So Miss Ava at 4 months is:

12 lbs 10 oz (35%)
24.5 inches (60%)