Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July Came and Left

Well July was a great month! There were many trips and lots of time spent with family.  We headed down to the coast twice for fishing and relaxing with family, went to Austin twice for more family visiting, and played tourist in San Antonio....again with family. 
I have a few cute pictures to recap the month but have to start with my very favorite part
 Morgan's Wonderland.  

If you are ever in San Antonio it is a must.  

Morgan's Wonderland was built to be a park that is 100% accessible for special needs kids.  From the moment you step foot on the grounds, you are inspired by the thought that was put into every detail and moved by the excitement that exudes from each and every child there.  

There were so many swings to swing on and Ava had a great time playing in the water and riding the train.  In fact, she even caught a fish while we were there.

I think this will be a place that we go to many times when the weather cools off a bit. 

Speaking of weather.....we did a lot of sprinkler playing and running around without any clothes on during the month of July.

Ava might just kill me when she sees these one day!!!

While in Austin we visited their Children's is not a favorite of mine, but we had fun playing with Cousin Connor Man

No matter how hard Katy tried to make this toy cool, the Jack in the Box is not something we will be spending our money on....

Connor had fun testing out the slide....even if he did go up the wrong way

The rest of the shots are a few sweet family shots that I just have to include.  

First, our dear friends the Wilsons welcomed another baby into their family in July, Baby Lee.  I am hoping that Lee will keep Grace and Ava in check when he grows up.  

He is such a calm addition to the Lowe/Wilson Clan
They look sweet here......but when Lee is out of the picture it is trouble!!! By the end of this night, Ava had a huge band-aid on her head from running head first into a bench.  
Oh these girls

Rosie and Ava having a great time shopping and talking, 
We all went fishing together, even Ava, for half of the day and caught nothing.  The second the girls got off the boat, look what the guys caught.  
4th of July was a lot of fun watching the firecrackers over the ocean....not the best of pictures but the only family picture I have in this whole role.
It really was a great July!!!!!!