Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Comes with New Beginnings

Ya know, it has been way too long since I have posted anything about our little world...but frankly it has just been busy.  But I can honestly say that 2013 has been treating us well.  It has come in with a bang and has brought along many new adventures for our family of 4 but all of the adventures are wonderful (no matter how much I complain).  I think the main thing that has changed is my focus. I thank God for all that pushed me to make this change.  I was so worried that I was going to hamper myself or put my kiddos in a place where they would be uneasy and uncomfortable.  The last thing I wanted to do was change their norm and unfortunately our norm was wonderful but it was in need of change.

So the girls started school at SAT in Hondo and when we went to visit, Ava told everyone when she walked in the door, "My mom said if I don't like it I don't have to stay." I guess we both need security blankets.  BUT the girls in this little class must not have heard what she said because they grabbed her by the hands and swept her up in their game and within 5 minutes I did not exist anymore.  And from that day forward I knew that our decisions were right and that this change was good.

Which brings me to today. The San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo just came to an end in San Antonio and in celebration of the event, Ava's class hosted a rodeo of their own.  Ava has been practicing rodeo songs each day for a month in preparation for this day, she picked out her clothes that she would wear (do ya think they resemble the Halloween post?), and she has been telling us about spurs and horses and barrels and all things rodeo each and every chance she gets.  So the day came and boy was it cute; and so so special.

Ava got to be the Texas Flag Bearer - what a wonderful role to have don't you think....

She was very very proud of her job!

And then the rodeo began with some barrell racing...
Some pole running...

Mutton Bustin....

And the clowns were on standby to help if needed during the rodeo

This is Jolee and Jaxson.  Jolee is one of Ava's very special friends.  These two are kind of like lost souls reconnected.  They have their own language and facial expressions and are just hilarious.  Ava tells me all of the time how lucky she is to have old friends like Grace and Julia to play with and new friends like Jolee.  I MEAN CHANGE CAN BE SO WONDERFUL WHEN YOU LET GOD GUIDE YOUR WAY!!!!
My sweet little Rodeo Cowgirl!

And if you are wondering about Alex...well she is just the sweetest, love bug you have ever met

 and the biggest mess you will find. 
Always watching us and following our every move...
but moving in stride with the changes and the craziness

Saturday, December 1, 2012

So Many Memories this Fall!!!

Wow, what a great October and November we had.  It started off with a sweet little girl's 1 year birthday and baptism.  Alex is such a ham and her little smile will melt your heart...well she isn't smiling in these pictures but trust me it is the sweetest.

Later in October we dressed up like Cowgirls and Cowboys for Halloween fun!
We always have a great time trick or treating with the Wilson clan.

 And then it was November...this is Ava's month - I mean really - she thinks the whole month is her birthday and ya know what, we pretty much treat the whole month as it is.

But this year was extra extra special and I don't know who was more excited for her birthday to come, her or me.  We went to Disney World for her b-day and stayed at "Dora's House" Double the Fun Right!!!  I can honestly say that we went from sun up to sun down but didn't exhaust ourselves trying to see it all, I think this is the first of many trips up to Disney, it was just GREAT!!!!

Here is a recap in pictures....lots of pictures:

 There was the coolest restaurant full of Dinosaurs, Ava loves dinos so we celebrated and sang happy birthday to her here.
 A fun ride on the Merry Go Round, Daddy doesn't do things that go round and round so I had the pleasure of riding solo with my girls.

And then we went for a special treat, the Bippity Boppity Boutique, if you are planning a trip with a little princess, you must get reservations for this place it is so special.
 The Before....

 The After...the sweetest little Snow White Ever

 When we walked in and saw the castle, Ava was in awe
 and all of the rides that were just her size...."totally awesome."  Another tip, nighttime is the best time to go.  We were able to just stay on the ride and ride it again and again - perfect for this little one.
 We saw so many Disney characters but these were some of the best pics.

 Notice anything that looks the same in these pics...yep Ava wore her dress two days in a row....Oh well it is her birthday month.
 Meeting SnowWhite!

 Love love love
 Meeting all of the other princesses was great too.  I was reminded several times that we missed a few of them, but the lines were just too long.
 Alex is not usually afraid of anything but she was not a huge fan of all of the characters.


So funny I have to tell, during the middle of the day, they had a big dance party and parade at Disney.

During the parade Ava was having so much fun watching everything but was not about to join in on the street with the rest of the kiddos, until another Snow White danced by.  Ava jumped out into the street grabbed this sweet little Snow White's hand and off they went.  I followed a safe distance behind with the other Snow White's mom :0.

 Since Snow White has a cape on the back of her dress, Ava told us she is supposed to run around the castle to make her cape fly, so run we did.

A Dream is a Dream your heart makes.......

Two sweet pics from Hollywood Park.  This was the only other park we went to and it was nice.  Not big, not crowded but filled with things for Ava, Adam, and even Alex.  The Indiana Jones show is there and Disney Jr. is there.

We stayed at the Nick Hotel in Orlando.  It was not a hotel I would choose on an adult vacation but if your little one loves Nickelodeon it is a great place.  Mainly because of DORA!!!!!

She had a birthday breakfast with Ava and even brought her friends along to celebrate...

We spent one day of our trip relaxing and resting by the pool....
November ends with Thanksgiving and another celebration of Ava's birthday with my family.  

 And of course Dora came to this birthday too...and she tasted so great!!!!

Another thing that is now a must each time we make the long haul up to Spearman is a ride and visit with Willie.  Ava is in love with this little horse.  Alex took a ride on Willie too but she preferred the wagon over the horse.

 And we will end this post with that sweet smile I mentioned at the beginning!!!!

Alexandra Lee Lowe - 1
Ava Nicole Lowe - 4