Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Fun June

One thing that the Wilsons and the Lowes both love to do is eat good food. While Vegas food is not cheap, it was delicious. This restaurant had the best steaks (since I am one of those that eat my steaks rare - it has to be good for me to write a review about it). Plus at this restaurant (Manamegabee - or something spelled like that) you get to sit and watch the water feature at the Bellagio. It was a great way to kick off our trip to Vegas.

Don't ask me what we are doing....I just had to include it because it has the Cirque Du Soleil in the background. We saw "O" and it was a great show. A little too late at night for me but it was truly amazing!

This is a terrible picture of Adam and I but if you look in the background, you will see the roller coaster that Adam, Garrett and I went on. It was so much fun!!!

While the boys played golf, Abby and I had a day at the spa. Some of you might know that spas and Ashley don't usually go hand in hand. I did my best to relax but even the lady giving me the massage was laughing at the end of the session. I think I was named the one that it is least likely to relax by Spa Mandalay. Well at least it was a pretty place.....

An excellent seafood restaurant in Vegas...but the most interesting part of the meal was the dessert that Garrett got - Bananas, Peanut Butter, and Bacon inside of a cinnamon pastry.
It was delicious.

Mom and Ava are saying hello to Rufus

Only John and his 7ft. arm span could wrap his arms around both Ava and Ryan's car seats with ease. For those of you from Lubbock or that just love Lubbock like we do, the new, smoke free Cap Rock Cafe is GREAT

Ryan Charles at 2 months old and almost 15 lbs
Ava Nicole at 7 month old and almost 15 lbs.

This little boy has his daddy's height and his mommy's looks

Ava is clapping because everyone is taking pictures of her - whatever it is it is a celebration

Happy 81st Birthday Bubby

Grace and Ava are ready for the lake

There were no lifejackets that would fit Ava so we just made do. Thank goodness we did not get stopped. My new mission is to find a life jacket that will fit her.

Playing at the lake can be hard work.

Daddy and Ava both where stupid looking hats to keep away the sun.....

The good news is that we don't use a pacifier....the bad news is that we love our thumb

We had so much fun in June. Adam and I went to Vegas (and 1/2 of us had a successful trip); we survived being away from Ava for 4 whole days, went home to Spearman to see my family and all of the baby horses; we watched two of our dear friends get married (Adam had to make a speech ....... most of you know what happens when a Lowe makes a speech); we met the sweetest baby boy, Ryan, and caught up with his parents while in Lubbock (I miss it so much); we celebrated Bubby's 81st birthday in Horseshoe Bay; made our first trip of the summer to the lake; and for all that care - we still don't have to budget for formula :)

Ava was 7 months on June 17th and this little girl is a busy body (I have no idea where she gets that). We have perfected the army crawl and love to receive applauds for any little thing that we do. I have a feeling that on my 8 month report of Miss Ava I will be begging for her to go back to being that sweet little baby that laid in the middle of the bed and talked to mom while she got ready....time just won't slow down. We also learned this month that Adam's sister Katy and her husband Chris will by having a little boy in November. I am very glad that Ava will have a little cousin so close to her in age. I was really hoping that I could hand down all of Ava's clothes and hats and bows and hats and bows but am so glad that Baby Davenport is healthy. So now I just hope that He grows up to be big like his dad and strong willed like his mom. If this happens, I certainly will not have to worry about anyone messing with Princess Ava.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Time Away From Mom and Dad

Over Memorial Weekend, Adam played in a golf tournament in Uvalde and we had a fun night planned in Concan listening to Gary P. Nunn. So Frank and Teresa (still working on their "names") reluctantly agreed (as they clicked their heals in jubilation) to take Ava on Saturday so that Adam and I could have some adult time.

Ava had a ball! She swam in the pool, set on the patio and watched the sun set behind the sleeping lady, and entertained all that came to visit her. I have decided that we now need to build a pool in the backyard because being in the water seems to be Ava's favorite thing. We are in search of that oil well or golden ticket if you know where I can find one.....

Ya know, I never thought that having a night all about me would be something I would dread but leaving Ava for one night, not even 24 hours, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I knew she was going to have everything she ever wanted and more, but I just missed her so much. I hear it all the time but I can honestly say that there is no greater love than the love you have for your children. How cheesy I must sound because I am not the lovey dovey or over emotional person at all, but I cannot believe how much this little girl has a hold of my heart and will for the rest of her life. Why can't time just stop for a while so that I can savor every moment and every little thing she does!!!

Next week will be the true test of survival. Ava is heading up to Spearman to become Farmer Lowe while Adam and I take a much needed vacation with the Wilsons. My current stress is how am I going to possibly pump for 4 days while being a tourist. There is no way that I am going to take that silly pump with me around Las Vegas - wouldn't that be a site - ya know what, I probably won't look too out of place pumping at the craps table.